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 But It Is In My Nature!


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Can you change one’s nature or character?  Or behaviour and personality traits?  Does a leopard lose its spots? Or the tiger its stripes? The saying goes – That once you cross the age of 40 –  there is simply no way to change one’s own character or nature.  Old habits die hard – it is said! Remember the scorpion and frog story? About the frog carrying the begging help-me-please-to-cross-the river scorpion across the river – and the frog got stung half-way!.

But it is my nature – I just cannot change – said the scorpion – as both drown!. 


If you are a Believer, you know than that there are other stages awaiting you, even after departing from this world.

 Prior Departing – The Punishment first in this world. 

 After DeathThe Punishment of the Grave and The Day of Reckoning – Judgment Day!

 Then all that you had acted in this work, good or bad – or those things you could have done to stop or prevent harm and damages to others, but did not lift a finger to prevent – you will be held accountable for and due punishments (or rewards)
vetted on you.

Many of us are firm believers that ‘what goes around, comes around” – and if you do something intentionally bad and evil to someone (worse case scenario is if you do it against someone who considers you close a friend, or someone who has done NOTHING bad against you) – then you do get paid back in this world itself – even before you depart to the next world. If not you than someone very close and dear to you!

 Look at these: examples –  

  • If you tell lies and fibs against someone – especially behind his or her back – you are one of those who fit the above scenario.
  • If you say I called this person to come and see us, but he did not – and you know well that it is not true – only getting that person into unnecessary and avoidable troubles, pain, shame and degradation.
  • If you say that he is not performing well on the job (but you know he /she does), or apportion blame and criticisms to some aspects that he/she has no responsibility or control for, and the person is either by-passed (or even terminated).
  • If you cause divisions, split and separations between husband and wife, or between brother and brother, or brother and sister, parents, family and children etc.
  • If you swear to be speaking the truth, and you know it is not so – and lend someone in great troubles and distress.
  • If you feel that you are superior, of higher grade and status – and more important than everyone else around you!
  • If you unfairly and unkindly assess someone in work and or in life!
  • If you willfully interfere in the Rizq (Livelihood) of someone.
  • If you apportion and push blame and criticisms wrongly and unfairly to someone
  • If you bear witness and swear to be speaking the truth – and you know it is not so – and lend someone in great troubles and distress.
  • If you feel that you are that superior, of higher grade and status – and more important than everyone else around you!
  • If it is within your power and control to change wrong things or unjust actions done – but do nothing – you cannot be different – you too are in the same category above.  Because you caused great harm and damages to others.
  • If you know someone is in great troubles and difficulties, and he or she has even approached you to ask for your help and intervention – and you simply just do nothing, because you simply do not feel like doing so!
  • If your actions, behaviours, attitudes etc. would result in pain, troubles, degradations and shame to others – you cannot escape yourself (or those near you) what you have done to others yourself or caused to happen to others.

The beauty of it all is that you may have well forgotten – and then you get your ‘reward’!  Only you will be saying – ‘Why is this happening to me?  I do not deserve this!   – because as usual in you – you have already easily and conveniently forgotten!

There are so many other examples – but leave these few to jog you mind a bit.  There is nothing worse than the ‘curse of a
victimized brutalized innocent person or his/her cries and pain in quiet and in sufferance.

 Then there are those who believe in Reincarnation.  If you did something good or nice in this world, you will return as one in some good shape – like a butterfly or bird (pigeon), but if bad – back like a scorpion or snake!

 My 12 year old daughter one day asked me this question.  She (like other daughters) are all named M!   So she asks me – Dad, it is said when we die, on the Day of Judgment we shall be brought back to form to be held accountable for all our sins in this world? 

I said yes, M my daughter!  Then she tells me – Please explain this to me.  When Lady Indira Ghandi was assassinated, her ashes were thrown around in the Himalayas Mountains by a helicopter?  As per her wishes?  I said – I think I have read that so to be true.  She then asks me – If that is true, then how can she be brought back to life in one form (as her ashes has been spread all around?)

 I was lost of words.  I looked at her.  The silence was deadening.  How could she at age 12 think of these things, we adults take longer to understand and comprehend?  I just visualized myself asking this type of question (at our generation!) to my late dad (pbub).  I do not think I would have had the opportunity to finish the sentence – because a slap would have landed on my face before I had to time to finish!

 I asked this question to one Priest (Religious Scholar) and he got angry as I had predicted!  What he told me in short was
I should have known from the beginning.  That is nothing – simply nothing – that could prevent Allah SWT to bring
back anything the Lord Has Himself created!


Have you heard this story – just of finish off in a lighter mood (as the subject itself is all serious?)  A scorpion saw a frog.  So he told the frog – I have my relative who is sick on the other side of the river.  I want to go to visit him.  Can
you carry me across? 

The frog said – Do you think I was born yesterday?  If I do that you will sting me on my back and I shall then die.  The scorpion said – How can I do that?  Did I not just now request you to carry me across?  Do you take to be crazy
or stupid?  
The frog was convinced.

So it said to the scorpion – Okay jump on my back!  As they were crossing the river, the scorpion said – See, you did not
trust me – now do you believe me?  Did I sting you?  No
– said the frog – I am sorry.  Few minutes later half-way the river – the scorpion stung the frog.

Whatever are you doing?  Do you know what you have just done?  I shall now die –drown –  and you will drown too

Yes – replied the scorpion – I know!  But it is my nature – I just cannot change.

Take Care!

By  – Majid Al Suleimany

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