Feedbacks Received – A Question of Loyalty! Reply

1              From An Omani Lady Fan (Professional) – I like your Mr. CF, me too would wish to be like him but I am the opposite and its true it does put you in a lot of hot water,
maybe its high time I change and be like CF will try and let you know if it works, I  do hope though my tongue will not betray me…..

My Reply to Her – I know the feelings M – have tried it hard before – but failed badly! Guess Majid will always remain Majid – with some will say Big mouth and few takers Big heart! J !

2              From an Arab Official NGO (Outside Oman) – Dear Majid,

I read your article about loyalty,  I belief, the behavior of such person effected, by the  environment around the job, since as you know, most of the Arab managers, do not like to be criticized, and take offensive position, towered persons, who shows  honesty, and
give advices, and take such advises personally. Also the administrative system, does not protect the employee, since no rules and policy exist to protect staff, in expressing their opinion.

The Arab Region, suffer from lack of freedom of expression, which is not allowed, although media insist, that we have freedom!!!!!

I myself, faced harassment, from my mangers, for advising, and insisting on my opinion, and outcome, I was forced out of my duty.

Please write some articles, to correct, the behaviors of Arab managers, and to allow Freedom  of Expression,  and team work, since government and companies are public owned, and not the manager property!!.  Take an example of Japanese, management system, in which employee, get respect, and dignity.

Thank you for your sincere writing.

My Reply To Him – Dear Brother –  

Thank you for the feedback. I fully agree with you. I thank you for the suggestion.

Actually I have written about this same issue in my new Management book A Cry For Help! – which you know you tried to help me too in UNESCO Gulf – and Qatar Foundation to no avail. I even tried Sh Mohamed Foundation UAE and Kuwait Fund. None of them even replied me!

Frankly my book was like a sort of outcome caution of what came into the Arabic Spring uprisings. See about the book here in  and even
and  too.

Read also Psychology of Arab Management Thinking book of mine – and what Dr. Weir said about Arab Management in my book too. Sad we Arabs can do much better with what we have in our customs and traditions etc and our Religion and the Teachings of our Great Prophet PBUH.

Take care. All the best! – Best Regards, – Majid Al Suleimany.

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