A Question of Loyalty! Reply

For Wednesday – July 6 2010 – At My Workplace!

 At My Workplace!

 A Question Of Loyalty!

Or No One Wants To Hear! – So What Is The Point?

 When talking of loyalty – references are being made here of the office environment more!

A long time ago I had this colleague whose approach to life was simple – he was indifferent to anything and everybody – especially to the work environment. He was not bothered about being extra nice and pleasant to his boss or his colleagues. He was very formal in all his approaches. He was a good hardworking staff – but if his boss told him to do anything wrong, unprofessional or unethical he insisted that the order was given to him in writing formally – or even by email. If none came, he would send a sort of stupid-asking email to be given more information or clarity – just to cover himself! He was like the mercenary – or the foot soldier type of person!

The point is he went completely silent – and blank and non-committal. Only he was concerned
was to get his salary – nothing more – nothing less. The rest can go to hell – as far as he was concerned!

If his boss asked him for his opinion or views, he turned the tables back to his boss – what do you the boss yourself think? He would then go with the line of thinking of his boss – I agree with you boss – you are right! If you queried him afterwards how could you?  He would
retort  – He is the boss and he should (supposed to) know what is all the best! You never got him to say anything different or controversial. If somehow you got him to be near you all he added was – Why bang my head against a brick wall? The ship is doomed to sink anyway! So long as he was given Average Performer ratings and bonus – that was enough for him. In his Staff Reports, he had nothing to say except – I am okay and fine!

One day there was a small fire in the stores due to an electric short circuit! Mr. Care-Free CF
– as we called him – just picked up his briefcase with his important papers and documents – went into his car – and drove home. He did not return to work that day – even if the fire was put out after a few hours!

Personally, I would not want such a person to be even my peer – let alone work for me! That
was Mr CF – take him or leave him as he was! One always wondered if he did the same at home or not? But his bosses liked him a lot – because ‘he was not a challenge and risk’ to them! That is how pathetic and dismal you can get now at the workplace. When he was offered a higher post where he would be operationally responsible and to have to make decisions, Mr. CF just declined. That is CF for you!

That brings us to the question of loyalty! Was CF loyal? Committed? Dedicated? One could argue that he was – but to himself more only! John Kennedy USA President had said – Do not ask what your country can do for you – but what you can do for your country instead! In real life however, one finds that those that really care and feel for the company – and willing to make a point or stand up to be counted – always get hit and hammered on the head – unalike Mr. CF.

When he was retiring I – being in Human Resources HR – then asked him in the exit interview
to tell me frankly why he behaved like this. His reply shocked me to the core! He told me – I was just like you before – banging my head against brick walls – finding it always swollen and bloodied. But who cared? No one! Everybody had decided to not hear me – so I went completely quiet – though my heart was bleeding and crying inside. But what is the point? There were no takers! So long as I get my full salary at the end of the month I do not care!.
If they touch that then there will be trouble!

Years later a sick man, CF I saw him in the hospital. He embraced me – all smiling and cheerful to see me. He was surrounded by family members. He told them – This is M whom I used to tell you all about before! He is the great caring feeling loyal type – and what did it get him? Only hurt and pain – and yes I read your column. I feel what you say – but what is the point? Simply none! Even in sickness, CF had never changed!

To many CF was a hero – they wished they could be like him! But they knew they couldn’t –
because their minds and mouths betrayed them! The message and theme – things in the workplaces have become so bad that there are many turning to be like CF – and increased road wrath, fury, anger – and accidents! All to do more with the offices environments than anything else! Researchers need to make further studies on this hypothesis of mine here!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

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