The Full Article – Inside Suffocation Kills! Reply

The Full Article – Inside Suffocation Kills!

From The Book – A Cry For Help! – By Majid Al
Suleimany –

 See also Introduction comments in The Book – D.01 and D.02

At least one time or the other in our career life we must have heard the despair and desperate cry – sadly he is suffocating (killing) the Company from inside!  Have we sat and wondered what it all means?  How can one suffocate anything from within?  We usually visualize any
suffocation to come and be made from outside, how can it be made from within? Looks more like a misnomer, just like saying that ‘you are suffocating yourself on your own’ – and that it is not somebody from outside ‘who is doing it to you instead!’

The problems in many establishments are that personal and informal relationships have
transcended the normal formal ones to the extent that it is not what you have or know that is important – but whom you know and what strings that you can pull. He has been there and is still there to prevail and stay – whether you like it or not – and there is simply nothing you can do about it. Simply nothing! Better to accept it, and go along, or just move out – if such an
opportunity may arise!

 Look at this example.  A CEO is still on his seat despite continuous episode after episode of gross errors of judgement, erratic, absurd, abrupt, unprofessional, unethical and weird behaviors and dealings to his own Staff inside first – let alone customers and clients next!  Many of the Directors and Managers below him that had made a point to stand out and stress these things have in themselves been victims and passed and gone from the place, but he still reigns supreme – a great force to be reckoned with – like the Dictator reigning supreme – though he may look polite and gentlemanly when things are running smoothly – but quite
the opposite when they are not – or when pressures have been built that he can no longer cope with!.

 Personally I have  the lowest of contempt, disdain,esteem and respect for one  CEO that  uses internal politics to divide and separatehis own  Team – like that of the General shooting at his own troops. The worst case scenario is when he has very poor outlooks, assessments and perceptions of a certain group that is in that place – and that actually deserves better attention and treatment than what they get now.

 Or that CEO and his kind who take sides and defend the person who is the Aggressor or at fault against someone because of the simple reason that you do not like that person because of his origins – or because though he speaks and defends the truth – but it is against your friends or what you think they will give you instead of the other – even if the victim is the son of the land. We have seen in real life the wanton destruction, malaise, decadence and the wastages when the Top Guy behaves like this in just siding with the Aggressor (or Guilty Party) against the real victim or at right person!

 Some of the establishments survive by continuous telling lies and fibs to the unsuspecting, susceptible and gullible readers and clients and customers. Lies repeated over and over again start to get a resemblance of truth. Some of the most silly and absurd notices are put,  materials that carry no real weight, importance or significance – but to create an image and a perception that is shallow deep and does not really exist – but just to hoodwink and fool any gullible and susceptible reader that things are going fine and okay – when the real truth
are that not only invoices are not paid – but even staff salaries are an issue and a problem.

 But then despite all these – what about the CEO who is still reigning supreme, his company
(establishment) had dwindled to minimal proportions unimaginable, and what was a great force to be reckoned with, has taken that beating to become almost extinct?  Or no longer trusted, respected and esteemed? From a promising enterprise, to fall to dismal spheres to close sector by sector by day until barely surviving.  What is the problem here?  And very dissatisfied, unhappy disenchanted and disfranchised staff on board – still looking outside – but have still not got the relief and break yet?

 Don’t the owners and the stake holders know and recognize what is going on and why keep this dismal figure still on running the show? What is it that they are scared or afraid of? Some skeletons in the wardrobes? Some embarrassing secrets that may be revealed? It makes you really think hard and wonder – what is it all about here? It is all a mystery why such things are allowed to continue! Don’t you agree with me?

 You will find out that in many cases the owners and the stake holders do not ‘want to rock
the boat’ any further and either are very optimistic creatures or you can call them as wishful thinkers not having the guts and courage to remove these figures and put in new blood and enterprise on board as a difference.

 Or have they given up, and are just waiting for the final news of the death of the sick and
ailing company, just like the cancer patient waiting for his or her death.  Or are you very optimistic that some miracle and magic will happen to recover the sick patient?  Or you just do not care anymore, because you have cautioned and pillowed yourself to accept the worst? The worst case scenario – just like the prisoner on death row who knows his time has come up,
and that last meal is the ‘signal that it is all over’ – and there is simply nothing you can do about it?

 Where are the professionalisms, principles and ethics? Everywhere it is cut-downs, except the
perks and privileges of the elite Management grades, especially the CEO? For the rest it is – cut, cut, cut and No, No!

Then you have the great  ‘personality clashes’ syndrome.  Senior Directors and Managers behave like school children (not even College) and especially in Boys’ school (nowadays even Girls’ school).  In-fights, envies, jealousies, finger-pointings, accusations and double accusations are the order of day – the norm rather than the odd, the usual rather than the different and controversial. Outside the family, people most misbehave at the workplace – I always say it!

 If you ask the Management Team and The Board, they know all about it – but nobody lifts a
finger to do anything.  Either it is due to personal relationships with the culprit or lack of interests and will to do anything.  The same goes for the other stake holders, you would think and imagine that something different will happen here – but sadly and tragically nothing will.

 It is just like the Captain of a Ship seeing his ship being moved to the rocks (the Titanic) by
his younger assistants in their in-fights and duels not caring where the ship was moving to.  Would the Captain let his ship sink?  What if the quarrels and the in-fights between the Captain and one aspiring ‘high flying’ assistant perceived to be a threat to the Captain himself?  Maybe too he is the chosen one, the favourite of the top brass and the major stake-holders. He is our boy; he looks after our interests and well being! Would the Assistant Captain look the other way (it is not my baby, it is the Captain who should do it) whilst the ship moves into dangerous and troubled waters (the rocks, the icebergs – you name it).

 Sorry for the metaphor comparison – but this is exactly what is happening in some of the
establishments.  You can never imagine the way some of those supposed to be in Management and Leadership behave in some of the establishments – just like kids in school.  Or can you imagine – like running prestigious big state of the art establishments, like it was a shop selling just sandwiches and samosas?

 To such style of Management – grow up and act your age.  Take your roles, responsibilities and what is required to you more seriously.  Do not take things for granted because sometimes when you least expect it, action may be taken to remove you from your disruptive and destroying roles.  There is nothing permanent or for a surety in life. Importantly, do not suffocate that establishment from within – you have been warned…………!!! Do not kill the goose that lays golden eggs. Have some conscience, principles, professionalism, accountabilities and ethics prick you! And for the stake holders – please now wake up from the slumber, do something now, before it is too late for everyone!

 ** This article had appeared on June 29th 2005 in same column and in my book, but with some minor changes and amendments  – keep remembering 6 years ago – but still applies and relevant!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany – June 21s 2011.