Dealing With Difficult Bosses! Reply

At My Workplace!

 Dealing With Difficult Bosses!

 A Study Case of the Few Bad Apples (Fish) and the Laws of the Jungle and in Survival!

  Dealing With Difficult Bosses!

In real life work environments, one might have to deal with many bosses and peoples from different nationalities, cultures, ethnicities, social backgrounds and cultures. In a few cases, one may not be able to get along with
some of the bosses too – however hard one had tried! It is not a question of doing ones work wrongly – or is performance and attitude related – but merely ‘a simple chemistry’ issue at the workplace!

Certainly if the bosses had the absolute power and authority – they could terminate one with immediate effect from the company services. Either they do not have the power to do so – or maybe they are more worried of the image and reputation of the company – as in many cases such terminated staff become your ambassador to the outside world – and in many  cases even straight to your competition!

In some cases, those outside the establishment may even consider some of the bosses as really good, nice, decent and pragmatic peoples – but at the work front – they are completely different peoples! Reminds one of all that glitters is not gold – or the Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jackyl story!

Some of the bosses tend to tell complete lies and fibs to the Top Management and expect their subordinates to go along with them to support them in hiding the truth – and in telling such lies and deceits. They try to push the dirt under the
carpet – and expect others to go along to support them. Of course, there is a difference between being a Team Member Player and being part of a Team in telling lies and fibs – and acting dramas, soap operas and roles that are not fit for one’s position and profession.

What they forget is that one day you will be found out and be exposed – and heads will start to roll in apportioning blames and finding scape goats – which could by default and inadvertently be you even who went along –  even if not openly and by design. The top notches always tend to protect each other as best, as they can!

 Another type of boss is the one who takes the hard work one has put in by the assistant – and the boss changes a few bits here and there – makes it to look as if it was him that did the works alone by himself.

For me personally the worst boss is the one who does not have confidence in himself or herself – and will tend to dress you down, scream and shout at you even in front of your subordinates, customers and clients and draws a very bad picture and image of the company. I always say – what are Offices for if not to talk calmly, rationally and cooly? These bosses believe in being ugly and strong is to insult and ridicule staff – especially in front of others. It makes them tick anf feel strong and great in this way. They also tend not to defend and support staff especially when they need it most when things have gone wrong!

 And then the usual acts and charades of some of them talking in loud acting high profile role person – when real  delivery and input is almost negligible. They are good actors that have fooled peoples including Top Brasses for too long – and still continue to do so. It makes you to be amazed how these peoples have survived for too long in their positions – and even to be promoted and to be considered as high-fliers and high potential indispensable Staff.

 Then there are those bosses who always survive on spies, gossips and rumours to such an extent that you end the loser and the victim if you do not play along!  Sometimes you find out too late to do anything- and may even jeopardize and cause you not to just progress – but even lose your job too.

What for? Is it really warranted and is there a need to go to all these extremes just to gain popularity and being on top, to cause so much harm and disasters to others. And are you not afraid of the maxim – what goes around, comes around? Or of your God too, whatever religion you are – there is simply no religion that allows you to do bad things to others? And when are we going to learn that it is just not worth it.

 And do not forget that in some places still there the mini-dictators, semi-dictators autocratic (and cruel) Managers and CEOs especially in some Companies (sad to say too) who treat their Staff very badly and crudely too. That is how bad things are nowadays – and everybody has jumped on the bandwagon to terrorise and bully the workers into fright and submission and surrender. What these CEOs forget is that these ‘frightened and scared’ peoples can destroy and suffocate the business from inside, by throwing subtle hints, directions and point outs to the sympathetic listening customers ‘with our plight and situation’ per se!

Of course, the worst cases scenarios are also fraud, corruption, and bribery and sexual harassment cases! Unless you have real credible proof and evidence – it is best to leave these aspects alone! Because circumstantial and your word against him will put you in a very weak position always!

 Treat your Staff better and kinder, more sympathetically, understandingly, and compassionately. They hurt and bleed too. They also bleed – and get pained. It is your responsibility as the boss to do all these under job professionalism, ethics, accountabilities, transparencies – and your moral, social, psychological duty to do so!.

 Take Care!

 By: –  Majid Al Suleimany. 

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