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June 1st 2011

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 Today’s Subject

 Added Job Responsibilities
Vis-à-vis Acting Allowances.

 When Are Acting Allowances Payable?


There are a lot of controversies of when one is entitled for Acting Allowances. For example your boss can ask you to be assigned additional responsibilities to the current one under your specified job contract and job description. In many cases we have all agreed to be given such additional responsibilities as and when the
Company feels fit – especially when you are in the Supervisory and above grades.
In some countries they call these positions as being ‘Non Union’ grades! As
such even if you are inclined and tempted, you have no other alternative except
to accept!

Such situations can be for a number of reasons – for example during peak business periods or when the company has to expand fast at short notices due to increased business volumes – or simply because a number of staff are sick, have left or and when a vacuum has been created! If one values one’s career and progression, it is best to accept these additional responsibilities – some may even be higher than your current job status and responsibilities.

It will be better to discuss and get agreement with your boss and Management how you will be handling these added responsibilities – especially if no additional
resources and support are forthcoming your way in these pursuits! Declining to
do the additional job and responsibilities may highlight you as not committed
to the establishment – and not a Team Player too!

It may also adversely affect your chances for further promotions and career progression if you do refuse to do so! What you may well ask yourself whether you could claim any financial benefits for these added responsibilities – and it may shock you even to find that in many cases it is not possible to get direct financial
awards – but more likely in non-financial benefits and awards – or perhaps lead
a bigger annual bonus than otherwise.

 However, for some levels of staff there could be direct financial rewards – and these are usually at below or at foreman level – depending from company to company – and as per their Company Policies and Procedures Manuals or Guides.

In my work experiences in Human Resources, I have found that such Acting Allowances in general are being paid as follows:-
The Acting period must not be less than two weeks in one continuous stretch.

  • Maximum period in many cases is three months continuous period as the norm.
  • In some companies it may stretch to even six months.
  • The rates also vary from company to company.
  • The Omani Labour Laws are being changed – but a rate is given currently for job rates and types of jobs.
  • Your Human Resources Department must show you the current rates as per existing laws.
  • Such Allowances are normally paid with your current salaries dates.

A personal advice is to get it in writing what your additional responsibilities are going to be – and your agreement and input on your part is – without having to say it – is essential for the successful completion of the additional tasks and responsibilities being assigned to you.

Live Example

 I had to handle a case when one Omani Staff was acting for a position for more than 9 months. The Company Policies stated the maximum period was only for three months – and in the Omani Labour laws is the same period classified as ‘probation period’ in a new job. Here the Company was more at fault than the Staff who was now refusing to continue to act for the job if no financial benefits were
forthcoming to him.

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By Majid Al Suleimany

 May 20th 2011

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